Warranty request Form

Customer information


As a new customer who has completed the warranty registration, Shearex provides a limited warranty valid for 2 years / 2,000 hours on any eligible equipment under the terms set out in this document.

    1. Client (Firsthand User)

The customer hereby designates the natural person or the company who purchased the product (s) from an authorized reseller (e.g. dealer) for its own/personal use.

    1. Coverage

Shearex guarantees to the original customer that all new equipment conforms to the technical specifications cited in its official publications.

The warranty applies to the main structure of the mulcher, rotor, transmission, motor, push-bar (static or hydraulic), deflector (if applicable) and controller (if applicable).

    1. 1st Day and Period for Coverage

This warranty coverage is effective from the date of delivery of the equipment. However, this date may be modified in the event of delayed start-up, with the agreement of Shearex.

The warranty covers the mulcher until qualifying equipment has reached 2 years or 2,000 hours of use whichever occurs first.

    1. Warranty Registration vs Commissioning

The customer agrees to call Shearex Technical Support as soon as the installation of their new equipment is complete to plan the formal start-up and obtain the necessary training.

To ensure that the installation of the Shearex equipment meets the requirements described in the technical specifications, the dealer representative together with the Shearex technician must produce a start-up report and forward it to Shearex Technical Support for approval and registering. Failure to register the equipment could invalidate the warranty.

During his visit, the Shearex technician perform the inspection of the mulcher installation on the carrier vehicle (e.g. CTL, excavator, forestry equipment, etc. where the equipment is installed), makes the necessary adjustments to the equipment and gives the operator training before completing the installation.

    1. Remaining Time Warranty for 2nd Hand User

This warranty is only transferable if written authorization by Shearex is provided.





    1. Delivery, Transportation and Storage

Equipment damaged in transit or due to poor storage conditions at the customer, purchaser or dealer is not covered.

    1. Improper/Non-Conformal Use
      1. Abuses, Negligence

The coverage of this warranty does not apply if damage and / or malfunction is due to abuse, neglect, or if the equipment has been used beyond established operating limits.

      1. Hazards « of the Road »

Although it may be accidental, all damage after impact caused by rock or metal debris encountered in normal operation is not covered.

      1. Inappropriate Spare Parts

The warranty does not cover problems resulting from the use of parts which have not been approved by Shearex. The customer should preferably contact a Shearex representative to validate the use of a bran new part.

    1. Maintenance
      1. Products, Parts

The provisions of this warranty exclude parts and products necessary for normal maintenance, including, but not limited to, lubrication, repairs, and consumables (normal maintenance not limited to this description).

      1. Periodic Adjustments, Labor Time

The exclusion applies to periodic and regular adjustments which assure the equipment its durability and reliability of operation as well as the manpower necessary to carry out the work.

However, misguided advice or instructions from a Shearex representative regarding the use or maintenance of any equipment may be subject to discussion and possible warranty coverage.

      1. Oil Cleanliness

For guarantying oil cleanliness and enforce warranty coverage, it is mandatory that the carrier (e.g. CTL/ Excavator/ Loader/ Forestry Equipment) be provided with hydraulic filters on the drain and return lines.  Warranty coverage will be void if hydraulic system does not meet our requirements (ref. Shearex Mulcher User’s Manual).


Warranty Claim

    1. Reporting Abnormal Condition

Customer should contact Shearex prior to performing, or having had, any type of work on any equipment that may require repair.

    1. Authorisation

Following receipt of the customer call, Shearex Technical Services discusses with the customer / dealer the scope of the work, potential warranty coverage and authorizes the work.

    1. Repair Costs

The charges specified below are covered by warranty.

      1. Parts Required for Repair

The cost of shipping parts (depending on urgency), including service at the dealer branch closest to the customer.

      1. Skilled Labor

Repair should be performed by a qualified technician.

However, the assistance of Shearex technical support does not constitute a waiver of the terms and conditions of the warranty, nor does it extend or reinstate it.

      1. Hours Required for Repair

Hours required for diagnosis and repair work, at a rate of 75% of a technician's normal service rate at the dealership.

      1. Technician Travel Cost

Travel costs, at the rate per km then in effect at Shearex and for a maximum of 200 km round trip.

    1. Liability for Damages
      1. Obligations

Shearex’s obligation to repair equipment or replace parts defines the limit of its liability under this warranty and excludes from coverage any type of direct or indirect damage and loss resulting from production delays.

      1. Improvements/New Design

Improvements to the design of new series gear do not bind Shearex to the previous series and remain inapplicable. Any change from the customer will be made at his own expenses.

    1. Processing the Claim
      1. Warranty Claim Form

Any warranty claim must be duly described using the appropriate form and sent by the purchaser or dealer to:

      1. Claim Analysis

After analysis and approval of the warranty claim, Shearex will credit the dealer and / or customer for the costs incurred by the damage.

      1. Legal Warranty

All the terms of this warranty are in effect as long as Shearex is legally incorporated.